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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The culmination of “Sisterhood” phase one!

It’s sad to say goodbye-especially when you feel that you are losing a great number of friends. I must admit I was not particularly keen on having the grand finale of “Sisterhood” because I felt that I was turning my back to over 800 newly found acquaintances in Ruchu Girls High School. The D-day did however arrive, March19th, 2011 to be precise, and the cold, wet, gloomy Nairobi weather did nothing to lift up my spirits. I couldn’t help but have mental flash backs on the journey “Sisterhood” and the young girls have taken these past months. After working on our self esteem and image, communication, sex education, gender and goal setting it was important to leave the girls with a memorable session that will work for the benefit of their long term goals. A career day! And who better to facilitate this than Inoorero University.

A diverse delegation of 13 students and 3 staff from the University helped make this day possible. Each representative had something unique about them that made it somewhat obvious as to why they were representing their faculty in the day’s agenda. The driver for instance, Mr.Michael Njue happened to be a parent at Ruchu Girls High School some years ago. He proudly talks of his daughter who is now successful in business. Loise Njoroge and Roselyne Ng’endo both students at the University happen to be alumni of the high school.
Inoorero University delegation.

Mr. Eddy Kaddebe the Assistant Dean Faculty of Law and Miss. Pauline Kawera a Customer Relation Representative facilitated the plenary session. Being the first session of the day, the facilitators gave a brief on the university and a vivid description of the courses offered. This was followed by a motivational talk. The presence of the two former students acted as a real motivator for the high school students. Most of the girls could not hide their admiration and excitement on seeing Loise who was a former head-girl at the school and is now pursuing Law at the University and Roselyne a Business student. Due to the sheer large number of the students at the high school, it was important to have break-away sessions after the motivational talk to address questions and clarifications on a faculty level. Each faculty was designated a room and interested participants were encouraged to attend the laid back sessions conducted by the University Students.

ICT students encouraging the young ladies!

The sessions were very interactive and very lively. It was important to have campus students explain and answer the students because they can relate to their issues better and they therefore have greater influence on these very impressionable teenagers. The sessions were probably the highlight of the day. It was very encouraging to note that a good number of the girls are interested in ICT. Not surprisingly all the representatives of this faculty happened to be young lads. With the student’s enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, the career day was hardly long enough to satisfy their quest for information. It is evident that the girls might need other such career days. All in all-the culmination of phase one of “Sisterhood” ended on a high. The girls were thrilled to spend a day with campus students who shared experiences and advise with them and who made the learning experience fun too!


  1. I will never get tired to appreciate you for this great work.

    Richie Miriti

  2. Thanks Richie,you inspire me to do much more!

  3. Kudos!On top of everything else your mobilizing skills are just amazing.Looking forward to being part of phase two :-)

  4. sure it was a course worth the time.kudos for your great work cate!i appreciate what you are doing and love it as well!GOD BLESS YOU GAL!

  5. gal dont know how many times ill kip saying thumbs up dear,above all the last day was cool and i know that out of all the sessions we had there is an impact we made.im glad to be associated with sisterhood .............

  6. wow!Thanks People am so grateful for all your tireless support and encouragement!

    Jane-am learning from the best with teachers like you,you learn!!!!

    Wambui-thanks for taking time out to encourage the young girls!hope you come through for us soon.

    Regina-had awesome time working with you gal!your the real diva

  7. Am loving your work and it was very encouraging to let the young ladies understand that ICT is not a mans field only but also for the ladies and a very marketable course in the society with its accumulative opportunities.
    Was happy to have shared my knowledge through the help of my friends that day. ICT your future

  8. ICT guru-thanks a bunch...you made the girls believe that they too can hack those programmes.Thanks a million.

  9. You are welcome and helped the ladies to know how to program not to hack,haha if they caught i won't be any place near to be answerable for that(in jest).

  10. Haha-my bad!!!! yes the correct word is programming!hope to see you next time too!