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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To childhood!

When I was 9, I couldn’t wait to get to the two digit numbers! When I got to 10..I could hardly wait to be a teenager….when I was 13,I was always saying…’when I grow up’….to me this was accomplished when you get your ID at 18.At 18,I was shocked that some clubs still wanted me to be older…21 and above to be precise!!!!Long story short…when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be older…now that am OLDER…hehe…I wonder what the hurry was for! I am still trying to figure out when life got so complicated…
I am not complaining about my life. Believe me, I am a lucky girl! Have some of my not so great days but many of those you can play over and over and still grin sheepishly from ear to ear. For some reason I cannot remember what influenced me to think older folks had it easier and their lives all figured out. Maybe it’s because they did not have to get stuck with tones of homework or face Mr.Odla or other mean teachers DAILY!!!(Especially if you’re in boarding school and these mean teachers insist they are your parents for the term!)Well now that am ‘older’ I guess Kids are the ones who have it figured out and not adults….hear me out before you click and curse!

Do you remember your favorite food or snack while you were a child? May have had several but I remember colored rings. My friends and I would wear them on all fingers and chew away coloring our tongues in the process. This was the accepted way to eat rings in private or in public! We did not really mind what the folks said…most times they let us be! Or in the playfield;We all knew who and who were friends and would therefore be in one team and who were enemies and therefore better and safer to have them in opposing teams. It was no big deal to make clear who your friends and foes alike were! Children have no clue on the art of pretend! Wherever I learnt this art…am considering unlearning it!!!

So you see, kids know exactly what it is they like or dislike, they will not pretend even with some parental figure breathing down their neck. What you see is pretty much what you get in public or in private. How many adults can say the same thing? How many times do we pretend to like something just because of some absurd reasoning…last weekend’s paper gave young ladies crap advise to like(or pretend)stuff your boyfriend likes!!!Even if I like the bloke, I don’t see myself pretending to like football for those 90 long minutes!

I think we all know the importance of being tolerant however why blur this with pretentious behavior? Its funny how this same adults hammered in us the importance of honesty, but its looks like when you get to ‘adulthood’ (whenever this starts) you’re allowed to lie or tell that little-not really a lie kinda lie!!!!So when did life get so complicated????

 Do let me know when you figure that one out!!!Till then am re-learning my childhood ways. Less complex and messy don’t you think?

Musings of a law student….

After what feels like a lifetime, the end of law school is finally here! You must have guessed that the deafening silence was because ‘yours truly’ had to revise felicific calculus, theories of law amongst very many interesting and yes dry boring stuff! You know all these legal TV-dramas just show you the good stuff…..none of them show you the long hours reading and those frustrating moments when you must read hundreds of pages of a landmark case that is written in some version of English that no teacher cared to teach you!!!

Well fortunately or unfortunately at the end of the year all legal scholars must prove themselves on pen and paper!!!Am not sure about you but they are those occasional moments when I read something I wrote and am sure as hell I know I did not mean that….now that is the real challenge…to articulate your thoughts and reasons as well as you possibly can as if you were having coffee discussing those issues, problems and grey areas with your examiner! (Loud hint to examiners some of us would like coffee exams).

So May marks the beginning of all UOL examinations. Great weather to seat in for those three hours plus exams! Still amazed at the power of the wonderful brain…you forget nearly all case-law and they come flooding in like giant tsunamis after submitting your paper!!!Then it’s the pondering and huffing. Why did I not write that? What on earth is a bucava? Will the examiner buy that lame excuse or will they be wowed by my innovation, imagination and well figured out structure of the law?

Then it’s the waiting….August 13th 3:00 GMT depending on your GPRS positioning. You get this wonderful email that your results are ready and that you can proceed to the VLE to access them.Suprisingly those days your net connection is amazingly fast and Kenya Power guarantee no power interruption during those three seconds that seem to move in slow motion. Type in your exam number…nine digit registration number and eureka!!!!

I know it’s a bit mid-month to be saying this, but I wish all law students the very best in their examinations! The compulsory units are over so you’re now stuck with what you chose! Let’s do this and make some remarkable jurisprudence!

What I know for sure.

I am not the biggest fan of soaps more specifically Spanish soaps. I love their food though and can’t wait to go to Rio for the 2017 Olympics (a Kenyan Spectator not a runner mind you)….anyhow as I was saying I detest them for the fake illusion they give on love and relationships. The women cry far too much and the feminist in me shudders to think that the directors and creators of these programs only think that women’s roles should be in the kitchen and bedroom. Is it only me who notices that the Carlos Eduardo’s and Alehandro’s are doctors, pilots or lawyers? While the Maria and Lucia’s are just…. …you figure it out, still trying to!!!!Still I wonder when these doctors actually get to practice when they are always tending to waterworks and rarely get to see the inside of their offices or their patients for that matter.

Now don’t get me wrong I know we all need to fantasies and zone out ever so often to be able to cope with stuff life throws at us, and if soaps work for you, enjoy it.The only thing we need to do is to be able to differentiate fantasy from reality and incase the line has been blurred for you, Here’s what I know for sure…

I am a whole person and so are you and your nana and the creepy guy across the road or that random person you forgot where exactly you met them…get it!!!You are complete and do not need someone else to come and make you whole or give meaning to your life! You vicar will definitely tell you when two people come together before the Lord in Holy matrimony they become one! Now, I would like to think of this as a metaphor and besides what math teacher agrees that one+ one =one? The illusion that without that ring on your finger or that man/woman (or whatever your preference) by your side means you are incomplete or that something earthshattering is wrong with you is a false impression that we must vehemently refuse to believe in.If and when you decide to have this person in your life, it should be to complement you not to complete you. Phrases such as ‘better half’ are just bullocks to me.It is perfectly alright to be single if that makes you happy and it is also perfectly alright to be in a relationship whatever the form too, as long as you did not do it to be completed like some incomplete math equation!

On a positive note, most of these soaps actually have a teaching at the end. If you are patient enough or have soap addicts around who can paraphrase ten episodes in ten minutes you will observe that good always trumps evil. I know for sure that no matter how long and hard you plot and scheme and even if you do hurt your enemies, karma will come back to bite you hard. I know this may take a long time and you might doubt this if you are the one wronged and you might even lose hope along the way but let it be.do not take it upon yourself to avenge wrongs done to you even if revenge is probably swift and just. It is never worth it plus it’s just too fatiguing to even bother.

In some industries, notably the film industry looks are of utmost importance. I am glad I do not have such plastic friends who swear by looks. It is natural to be attracted to beautiful and handsome people but if you think you must only date, befriend or be seen with a runway or swimsuit model you are shallow. Looks may inform us to people we might like but this cannot be the sole criterion. Looks do fade away and no amount of Botox, Q10 or surgery can stop the ageing process. I know for sure there exists very beautiful people but sometimes they take advantage of their physical features and use it as an excuse to be mean and conniving. It is with such people that I no longer see the beauty they posses. I know for sure that the most beautiful people are not always the Ale Weks or miss worlds but rather those simple people who do good deeds when the world isn’t even watching. It is true we are who we are when nobody is looking.

I know for sure that the intended market for soaps was definitely more so for the female audience. I also know that every girl deserves to be treated like the princess she is.It is ok to demand your man to pull chairs, open doors, stand to acknowledge your presence on entry (standard male behavior which is lacking this side of the Sahara) however it is not fair to demand anything that is not considered standard or conventional from them. Plus marks to the chap who will write you poems and leave love notes on your bathroom mirror or dance with you in public with no music but let’s not hold it against those who don’t do these things. Being a guy must be tough too...

So there you have it....what is it you know for sure?