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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Strange World.

A lot of people are like wheelbarrows:
No good unless pushed.

Some are like trailers:
They have to be pulled.

Some are like canoes:
They have to be puddle.

Some are like kites:
If you don’t keep a string on them they will fly away.

Some are like footballs:
You cannot tell which way they will bounce next.

Others are like balloons:
Full of air and ready to blow up.

And yet others are like neon lights:
They keep going on and off.

But very few are like a good watch:
Open faced, pure gold, quietly busy

By the way what kind of person ARE YOU?

To 2012...

The curtains have fast closed on 2011…

Wow. What a year it’s been. Pictures are a great way to

remember and relive those moments we loved and a

constant reminder of those lessons we learnt along the

way. Am sure many of us are reflecting and dissecting

what the year has meant to us and what improvements

can be made in the next….so here’s what I learnt in 2011…

Becoming a first time real aunt!!!My very handsome

nephew (replica of a Greek god-promise) is a bundle of joy.

In just over eight months he has taught me the importance

of waking up with a bang….with a big laugh and the

broadest smile you ever did see!!!No wonder we are told

babies are life’s little angels.Mon petite prince does not

feign affection. If he likes something, he shows it and if

not…well that too will be pretty obvious. Am not sure at

what point in time I found the need to conceal some

opinions and views…something about growing up I

think, but thanks to him I relearn the art of keeping it


Becoming a bridesmaid!!Wanja taught us beautifully that

not all brides turn into bridezillas on their big day! 2011

was definitely a year to keep in touch with our roots and

culture. Who knew that ruracio and all those other

celebrations (some that I can still not pronounce without

causing ribs to crack) are such interesting and fun affairs!

The most important lesson to be learned in all those

celebrations to me are echoed in Beyonce’s lyrics…’if you

like it then you should put a ring on it!’ If the bloke

really loves you as he should, it seems that those” minor”

details to get your hand should not be such a big deal and

an excuse to live in sin(not formalising the union)with


Last year, I also learnt the real meaning of fair-weather

friends and frienemies.It seems that when things are

going superbly for you, not everyone in your camp is

shaking a pom-pom in triumphant mood for you!

Sadly,this could be very close people who ideally should

have your back but are the same people plotting your

doom. Hard lesson learnt: not to be so naïve and

REALLY know how to differentiate friends from foes!

The older I get (yes I acknowledge am getting older!)I also

appreciate that friendships do end: and it’s ok! Some

friendships do last longer, and others will end. Just

because! This is perfectly normal and I shouldn’t beat

myself up over it!

In 2011, I was reminded that death is a part and parcel of

life’s cycle. Despite this, we are never adequately prepared

to deal with it when it befalls our circle. I do believe it is

important to grieve and allow ourselves time to do so,

however best we think. The sun still continues to shine

and life must inevitably continue to move on.

To 2012!!!

I must say in spite of everything, 2011 was a blast. This

year is a leap year…so we have 366 days 5 hours 48

minutes and 47 seconds to have another go at life’s very

interesting journey!

To 2012…