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Monday, September 10, 2012

I recently got my results from the University of London examination office…The weeks before then I was super anxious, worried, excited...Let’s just say I was going through torrents of different emotions and the feeling kept getting better and worse as the De-day ;Thursday, August 16th 12.00 GMT+ 3 drew nearer.

Waiting for any form of news can weigh heavily on you; the best way is definitely to keep yourself busy to avoid tearing your brain out all in the name of anxiety! However that too is easier said than done, those are the days when the cosmic signs are all in tune with that one thing you wish not to think of! For most part of early August every single file I looked at while at work seemed to remind me of the final exams or the impending results. There really was nothing much I could do other than wait and see….

I can remember at least 125 exams I have sat for in my lifetime. Thanks to 8-4-4, siting an exam is not much that big a deal this side of the Sahara. You would consider that after having sat that many exams, I should have my feelings whatever the form in check; how wrong you are, all I could register was that the previous examination results might not be as instrumental in shaping the next step of my life as this one was!
NLP and goal setting have definitely made me a better person, after going through the roll coaster of emotions, I finally was at ease once I sat down with pen and paper in my hand and wrote down the possible outcomes and my recourse of action if a) I passed and b) I failed. After the reality check I was ready for either outcome.

From August 14th to the morning of the result notification, I can hardly recall who I spoke to or emailed other than former classmates, lecturers or a select few family members who knew the exact date of the release of the outcomes. It did cross my mind a couple of times to go into hibernation mode and avoid all the hullaballoo until I knew for certain what the verdict was, but then again, life continues despite it all and here I was still needed to report to work and perform…

As you may or may not remember, August 16th was a sunny day but I was for obvious reasons feeling quite chilly. I recall my mother asking me severally that morning if I was feeling particularly unwell. She obviously had no clue what today was and I was not going to remind her and have both of us pondering all morning! When I got to work the net was down and the lights kept going  on and off…this just meant that the normal morning rush would be today a slooooow one as fate would have it.

The minute of reckoning did arrive, the portal was ready and I purposely threw in my student card in my bag the night before to help remember the nine digit SRN number and candidate number-trust me I was not taking chances on relaying on the brain at such an exhilarating moment!

Someone once told me that it is impossible to define who you are and who you are to become based on an exam which probably lasted a couple of hours. It is true however that sometimes passing an exam can lead you to another journey as a new door opens but one should never lose focus on what their ultimate goal was even if you fail. Several of us have failed hopelessly before and will continue to do so in other areas of our live too, but if we mop and wallow, we change nothing! Thomas Edison for instance did not lose hope even when he failed in over 900 attempts to create a long-lasting electric light bulb! I am not sure I know very many people who would take even ten attempts and still have the courage, hope and desire to keep trying! T A Edison is today remembered for developing several devices that have greatly influenced our lives as we know it! Thanks to his persistence!

So you must be wondering…what my outcome was? -It has definitely taken some time of getting used to officially add the title of Lawyer to my name!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tips to Financial freedom

Peak Performance presentation.

Wealth creation tips

  • ·        The neuroscience of change: how the brain works- don't change things at the intellectual level, most of your decisions are actually made by the subconscious mind.
  • ·        How you've been conditioned over time, by your background, family and those around you, will determine how you deal with money.
  • ·         You need to reprogram your mind!
  • ·        Why do you go to work? Broke people work to sustain their current lifestyle.
  • ·        Rich people work to invest for the future. You want to retire because you are financially free, so work because you want to; not because you don't have a choice.
  • ·        What do you want financially? Achieving this will boost your self-confidence; if you are financially insecure, then you will let others berate you. Work on your terms.
·        What is stopping you from moving ahead? - how you're wired:
  • ·         Rewire your brain: reset your thermostat.  Most of the time we react to our old conditioning: we've been conditioned that you must work hard so that you're promoted and then one day you will be wealthy, we've been taught that you must work for 40 years so that you can retire happy but that isn’t necessarily true in reality. Work smart!
  • ·         It’s not your employers job to make you wealthy, you're employers work is to give you value for value.
  • ·        You must change your mind-set if you want to create wealth. Moving jobs in search of greener pastures doesn't make you Wealthy because your mind-set remains the same and soon enough, you realize that you still aren’t content.
  • ·        Where you invest is up to you.
  • ·         Reality check: upon retirement, only one in every 100 people will be financially free, only 4 out of 100 will be financially independent, 50 out of 100 will depend on family and friends for support, 15 of 100 will be looking for employment and 30 out of 100 will die early.
  • ·        Gauge yourselves: what is your current net worth?
  • Are you a high, low or average accumulator of wealth? If you’re net worth is less than your current net annual household income (or your own annual income if you are not married) then you are a low wealth accumulator, if its equal then you are average, if it’s higher then you’re a good accumulator of wealth.
  • ·        For you to accumulate wealth, you must make conscious decisions based on three categories for asset allocation: security, growth and dreams.
  • ·        When you get your salary, do you rush off to buy luxury items? expensive things that you want such as phones, TVs, that sort of thing, do you blow money on meals, drinks and other outings?, those that you dream about as ‘the good life’? These things won’t make you wealthier. If you do, then you have started upside down. You should start your spending with Security then Growth then Dreams.
  • ·        In your security account, you should have sufficient income to cover your expenses for about 6 months in case you lose your job or the economy collapses. Security is not plots; security must be liquid, money that can be accessed on demand. A plot is a growth thing since it is an investment.