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Friday, June 19, 2015

1-Year Graduate Internship

Plan is looking for Graduate Interns.

Plan International is a global organization that works side by side with communities in 50 developing countries to end the cycle of poverty for children and their families. Plan works at the community level to develop customized solutions and ensure long-term sustainability. Our solutions are designed up-front to be owned by communities and range from clean water and healthcare programs to education projects, economic empowerment, child protection initiatives and youth civic engagement. Across program areas, Plan’s activities are guided by a Child-Centered Community Development (CCCD) approach, which is rights-based, holistic, gender-sensitive, and inclusive.

Criteria for eligibility
Those eligible to apply to participate in the internship program shall be Kenyan citizens who meet the following criteria:
1. Graduates from Kenyan universities/reputable colleges
2. Must have completed studies in a relevant field of study within the last 24 months.
3. Graduates who are below 25 years old and willing to commit their time on the program for the entire year
4. Demonstrated good character, creativity, honesty, positive attitude and ability to learn
5. Graduates who are currently not in employment

The following are the areas available for internship and the locations:
1. Human Resource - Nairobi
2. Procurement - Nairobi
3. Audit- Nairobi
4. Monitoring and Evaluation- Nairobi
5. Communications (Graphics Design and Photography)- Nairobi
6. IT- Nairobi
7. Finance- Nairobi

Number of positions available: 7
Plan Kenya is committed to the rights and well-being of children including their protection. Accordingly, the enrolment in the internship program is subject to our child protection standards including appropriate background checks and adherence to our Child Protection Policy.

If you meet the requirements of the above position, please visit http://plan-internationalkenya.org/jobs/
To access the full job description and make an online application with your updated curriculum vitae and contacts of 3 professional referees. The closing date of applications is Monday 29 June 2015. This  positions are open to Kenyan Nationals Only. You are invited to read more about Plan in our website www.plan-international.org.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Announcing the Call for 2016 Advocacy Fellows

AVAC is pleased to announce the call for 2016 Advocacy Fellows.

This update provides information on the Advocacy Fellows program, the application process, link to a short informational video and details on an upcoming informational call for interested applicants to be held on Wednesday, 8 July 2015.

The submission deadline for Advocacy Fellows applications is Monday, 10 August 2015.
Download application materials at www.avac.org/fellows-application-materials.

About the Program
The goal of AVAC’s Advocacy Fellows program is to expand the capacity of advocates and organizations to monitor, support and help shape biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation of proven interventions worldwide. The program is guided by AVAC’s conviction that effective and sustainable advocacy grows out of work that reflects organizational and individual interests, priorities and partnerships.
The Advocacy Fellows program provides support to emerging and mid-career advocates to design and implement advocacy projects focused on biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation activities in their countries and communities. These projects are designed to addresses locally identified gaps and priorities. Fellows receive training, full-time financial support and technical assistance to plan and implement a targeted one-year project within host organizations working in HIV/AIDS and/or advocacy. Host organizations are critical partners in the program and Fellows projects can be an opportunity for an organization to further develop its own work in this field.
The Fellows program focuses on low- and middle-income countries where clinical research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, multi-purpose prevention technologies, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and cure is planned or ongoing and/or where there is implementation or plans for rollout for newer proven interventions such as voluntary medical male circumcision, PrEP, early treatment, high impact combination prevention packages that combine biomedical strategies for population impact, and where the links between sexual and reproductive health and HIV risk for women are being studied.

HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellows are:
  • Emerging or mid-career community leaders and advocates involved or interested in advocacy around biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation.
  • Individuals with some experience or education in the areas of HIV and AIDS, public health, medicine, international development, women’s rights, communications, and/or advocacy with key populations, such as sex workers, gay men, other men who have sex with men and transgender women and people who inject drugs.
  • Based in low- and middle-income countries where biomedical HIV prevention clinical research is planned and/or where implementation of combination prevention packages is planned, ongoing or emerging.
  • Able to collaborate with English-speaking mentors.
Please visit www.avac.org/pxrd to identify countries where research and implementation is ongoing or planned and to learn more about the research.
Learn More
Prospective applicants or host organizations who want to learn more about this program or have questions about the application process are encouraged to:
If you have any questions about the Fellows program or the application process, please email fellows@avac.org.

Applications are due by MONDAY, 10 AUGUST 2015.

Monday, June 15, 2015

India’s Daughter

For Jyoti Singh…Lest we forget...

One of the unsurprising mandatory courses offered at hopefully all law schools is Professional Ethics. Members of the public would be greatly pleased that in fact lawyers and advocates in training are indeed taught how to be courteous, how to keep clients reasonably informed as well as how to charge reasonable fees, manage separate client accounts as well as how to maintain other positive duties to clients such as good faith, confidentiality and competence among others.

Professional ethics also requires that an advocate cannot refuse a brief, provided that the client is willing to pay fees, and that the advocate is not otherwise engaged. There are obviously some exceptions to this general rule but it is indeed a bit  troubling to think that I may be ethically and professionally required to represent suspected terrorists, rapists or mass murderers as a right minded lawyer and that my personal beliefs, feelings or dispositions would be largely irrelevant!

This dread was further heightened last Friday during a professional ethics class when the course instructor required us to watch ‘India’s Daughter’, a 52 Minute BBC Production on the infamous Delhi gang rape that occurred in 2012. For the purpose of our class, it was material to listen, observe, learn and critic both the prosecution and defence lawyers stances. So gruesome were the facts and circumstances of this case that the Indian Bar Association had previously passed a resolution that no one should defend the accused rapists and minor in the matter contrary to the cab-rank rule that most commonwealth jurisdictions currently uphold.

Despite the legalese and rationale of watching this documentary in this particular class setting, I couldn’t help but notice how a given socialization process impacts how a particular group of  people reason and analyze situations both directly and indirectly. For instance, some of the comments given by both counsels in relation to the matter seemed to suggest that the victim was partly or entirely to blame for the heinous crime that ultimately resulted in her death!

Having never been to India before, it was glaringly evident from the contributors of the documentary that India has a very rich culture and history to which part, most of its inhabitants are proud of, but it is also chiefly repressive and discriminative towards girls and women who are considered second-class citizen. Most disturbing were averments made by the convicts; that a decent Indian girl should not be out alone without the company of a male relative or out alone at 8:00 p.m. entirely or even worse that she should not fight when being violated in the manner that she was!

 It was bitter sweet to see the huge outcry and multiple public protests that resulted from this incident. Indians of all ages, creed and gender took to the street demanding for women’s rights and the need to be afforded better protection. Most importantly they were also fighting for that Jyoti Singh gets the justice she deserves. It was indeed humbling and unifying to watch and it reaffirms the notion that history and hopefully socialization processes can be changed during such trying times.

Even if the law affirms that every person however wicked, depraved, vile, degenerate, perverted, loathsome, vicious or repulsive has a right to be defended in a court of law, every victim including Indian young lasses also have rights, duties and freedoms that must be respected and upheld in life and in death!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Advisory Application-FRIDA

FRIDA is recruiting passionate and committed young feminist activists from Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Asia and the Pacific to join its Global Advisory Committee!

Since its founding, FRIDA has relied on a Global Committee of Advisors made up of mostly young feminist activists from all over the world. These Advisors play a key role in the following areas:
§  Facilitating FRIDA’s annual participatory grant making process by screening applications, reviewing final results, and supporting due diligence.
§  Supporting grantee partners’ capacity development and communication with FRIDA and conducting outreach.
§  Informing strategy and programmatic decisions in various areas of FRIDA’s work through thematic working groups such as Communications, Resource Mobilization, Capacity Development, and Grant making.
§  Informing FRIDA’s strategic direction every 5 years.
Given the increase in grant applications we receive each year and the need to expand our presence and work in more places, we are currently recruiting Advisors from each of the following regions:
§  Middle East and North Africa
§  Asia and the Pacific
§  Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Must haves for eligible candidates
§  At least 5-10 hours a month available to dedicate to FRIDA
§  Three or more years demonstrated commitment to advancing women’s rights, equality and non-discrimination and feminist movement building;
§  Three or more years demonstrated thematic or regional expertise with young women’s organizations/initiatives working for women’s rights, including time in a leadership role at a local, national, regional or global level;
§  Functional spoken and written English language skills, with Arabic, French, Russian, Mandarin, and Hindi extremely desired
§  Skills in such areas as project management, workshop facilitation, capacity-building, movement building and/or monitoring and evaluation;
Candidates also must have at least two years’ experience in at least ONE of the following areas:
§  Fundraising experience, such as applying for or receiving monetary grants from a donor or organizing fundraising activities with individuals (i.e. events or online crowd funding)
§  Grant-making, international development, or funding institution (experience grant-making or monitoring, evaluation, and learning for young women’s groups and/or start-up, small or community-based groups highly desirable)
§  Communications experience, managing websites, communication campaigns, writing blogs and op-eds,
§  Private sector especially in the areas of law, finance, accounting and/ or corporate social responsibility. Candidates must have an educational background that aligns with their current role in the private sector
Applicants aged under 35 years old are strongly encouraged to apply. 
How to Apply
1. Download and complete the New Advisors Application 2015 ENG
2. Send completed applications and your CV/resume to recruitment@youngfeministfund.org as soon as possible and before 10 June 2015. Please put “Advisory Committee” in the Subject Line.