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Sunday, November 21, 2010

She dares to be different.

I first met her on a sunny afternoon in Nairobi. I stood in awe soaking up her long blonde hair, beautiful hazel eyes and soft skin. At first glance, you could tell she was a fashion diva, dotting in a hot pink top and matching shoes, I walked up to shake her hand and usher her into a local hotel we had agreed to meet in.

Jane Waithera is no ordinary 24 year old. Born an albino, she is obviously different from my dark African skin, but she is none the same African. And she is a damn strong African Woman at that. Faced with several obstacles at a tender age, this young lady had to grow up and mature faster than most of us had the luxury of. Her tale is something you imagine reading in a fictitious book but it has been her reality.

You may have seen her in several TV shows already, or in a magazine or two. Miss Waithera has dared to be different. She is not one to burry her head in the sand when work needs to get done. Her trademark line is that “I am not any less human than you, the only difference between you and I is that I lack skin pigmentation-period!” She affirms that albinos can do anything and everything other people can possibly do, and therefore society should stop alienating them and discriminating against them.

Waithera has been an advocate of other albinos and has recently started her own organization dubbed “Positive Exposure” that aims to use photography as a medium to enlighten society, and advocating for their fundamental Human Rights. The organization also aims to offer solidarity to other members.

Asked whether she notices the annoying stares: she gingerly states that her life is too precious to keep records of such mundane things. Wouldn’t we all be much happier if we didn’t care what other people think of us-I wonder!

Jane believes that her albinism is not a disability. She is definitely a force you cannot afford to ignore. She knows only too well that when you reach your goal, you should not turn back. Success is a journey,never a destination she adds. Now one of my great friends, Jane’s humor can make any dull day seem bright. She is beautiful inside and out and is a truly inspirational person. Now that’s what I call an empowered diva! Wouldn’t you agree?

Some do’s and don’ts of stress.

on’t put off relaxing(use some of the physical relaxation adjuncts like music, autogenic training,yoga,transcendental meditation,saunas,steam baths, social clubs, recreational reading etc)

void self medication with tranqulisers, coffee, nicotine or alcohol.

ork off stress using physical activity (light physical games and sports, odd jobs in the house, school etc)

et enough sleep as far as possible without sleeping pills.

est whenever you are sick and don’t flog yourself.

earn to accept what you cannot change (Don’t cry over spilt milk or bang your head against a brick wall-all you will get is a headache)

earn and practice to agree rather than disagree and avoid entrenching interpersonal conflicts especially with close associates in the family, at school and at work.

now when you’re tired and rest.

lan your day ahead and schedule your chores realistically. The only work that remains undone at the end of the day is that which was not planned for.

e a better time manager and leave time buffers between commitments for unexpected emergencies.

Towards A Better You.

I)    Self knowledge is the beginning of self improvement. Understand yourself first. Never let people change you, or try to make you a different person. Once you know yourself, you are in a better position to identify friends and mentors.

II)            The greatest loss is the loss of self confidence-enough said!

III)       Attitudes are mirrors of the mind, they reflect thinking. Think positive always, about yourself, your image, your personality among other things. Others will start seeing these great traits in you too.

IV)        Identify your weak link and act. One weak link can spell disaster for the whole chain. Remove it and stride ahead from strength to strength. Strive to constantly improve yourself just as an athlete tries to beat his previous time. We all have faults and flaws, what make us remarkable is the ability to identify them and rectify them.

V)Follow no one, but learn from everyone. Avoid peer pressure and falling into the ‘IT’ group/class. Life’s journey belongs to you, enjoy it with others, but remember it is YOUR life, and vital issues and decisions will always ultimately lie with you alone.

VI)        You cannot be anything if you want to be everything, or if you’re scared of pursuing your most ambitious dream. Learn to delegate and let others help you when you need it, without being shy, intimidated or embarrassed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Teenage Girls’ Winners Pledge:

With God’s help, I want to be a true winner, to be the best I can be, and do the best I can do. Because drugs, premarital sex and alcohol can keep me from reaching my goal, I choose not to use tobacco, alcohol, other harmful drugs, and to abstain from any conduct that hinders, corrupts or contravenes my morals, and to help others do the same.”

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Girls Vs Women

A girl is pretty

A woman is beautiful.

A girl will giggle

A woman will laugh.

A girl is sweets

A woman is chocolate.

A girl is a holiday.

A woman is a home.

A girl is a race for all

A woman is the prize for one.

A girl will take

A woman will give.

A girl aspires

A woman has become.

Adapted by Chris White.

whatever stage you are....enjoy,because life is a journey and you are amazing!!

Women Beautiful!

What makes me weak? My fears…..

What makes me whole? My religion.

What keeps me standing?My faith.

What makes me compassionate?My selflessness.

What makes me honest?My integrity.

What sustains my mind?My quest for knowledge.

What teaches me all my lessons?My mistakes.

What lift’s my head held high?My pride,not arrogance.

What if I can’t go on?Not an option.

What makes me victorious?My courage to climb.

What makes me competent?My confidence.

What makes me sensual?My insatiable essence.

What makes me beautiful?My everything.

What makes me a woman? My heart.

Who says I need love? I do.

Who empowers me? My spirit.