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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some do’s and don’ts of stress.

on’t put off relaxing(use some of the physical relaxation adjuncts like music, autogenic training,yoga,transcendental meditation,saunas,steam baths, social clubs, recreational reading etc)

void self medication with tranqulisers, coffee, nicotine or alcohol.

ork off stress using physical activity (light physical games and sports, odd jobs in the house, school etc)

et enough sleep as far as possible without sleeping pills.

est whenever you are sick and don’t flog yourself.

earn to accept what you cannot change (Don’t cry over spilt milk or bang your head against a brick wall-all you will get is a headache)

earn and practice to agree rather than disagree and avoid entrenching interpersonal conflicts especially with close associates in the family, at school and at work.

now when you’re tired and rest.

lan your day ahead and schedule your chores realistically. The only work that remains undone at the end of the day is that which was not planned for.

e a better time manager and leave time buffers between commitments for unexpected emergencies.

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