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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Musings of a law student….

After what feels like a lifetime, the end of law school is finally here! You must have guessed that the deafening silence was because ‘yours truly’ had to revise felicific calculus, theories of law amongst very many interesting and yes dry boring stuff! You know all these legal TV-dramas just show you the good stuff…..none of them show you the long hours reading and those frustrating moments when you must read hundreds of pages of a landmark case that is written in some version of English that no teacher cared to teach you!!!

Well fortunately or unfortunately at the end of the year all legal scholars must prove themselves on pen and paper!!!Am not sure about you but they are those occasional moments when I read something I wrote and am sure as hell I know I did not mean that….now that is the real challenge…to articulate your thoughts and reasons as well as you possibly can as if you were having coffee discussing those issues, problems and grey areas with your examiner! (Loud hint to examiners some of us would like coffee exams).

So May marks the beginning of all UOL examinations. Great weather to seat in for those three hours plus exams! Still amazed at the power of the wonderful brain…you forget nearly all case-law and they come flooding in like giant tsunamis after submitting your paper!!!Then it’s the pondering and huffing. Why did I not write that? What on earth is a bucava? Will the examiner buy that lame excuse or will they be wowed by my innovation, imagination and well figured out structure of the law?

Then it’s the waiting….August 13th 3:00 GMT depending on your GPRS positioning. You get this wonderful email that your results are ready and that you can proceed to the VLE to access them.Suprisingly those days your net connection is amazingly fast and Kenya Power guarantee no power interruption during those three seconds that seem to move in slow motion. Type in your exam number…nine digit registration number and eureka!!!!

I know it’s a bit mid-month to be saying this, but I wish all law students the very best in their examinations! The compulsory units are over so you’re now stuck with what you chose! Let’s do this and make some remarkable jurisprudence!

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