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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My 21-to-do list!

Stumbled upon this…everybody has a wish/want /to do list…this was my 21-to-do list..and yes one reflecting my age now is in the pipeline….and I’ll let you know how this went too-

Dedicated to all the wonderful people in my life who influence the person I am...

1. Do be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

2. Do love yourself and all of you...If you can't achieve self love who then can love you?

3. Do believe in yourself, even if others have their doubts.

4. Do take time to love; it is the privilege of God.

5. Do take care of your health; it is no one else’s responsibility but your own.

6. Do take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom.

7. Do remind yourself the value of self love, self acceptance and self pride, constantly acknowledging my achievements and failures without being vain or conceited.

8. Do take time to give; no matter how big or small, it is the mission on Earth.

9. Do keep in mind your sexuality is your liability; make good choices with consequences you can live with.

10. Do take time to work; no matter how noble your job, for it is the price to success.

11. Do take time to laugh; and to tickle the funny bone in others, it is the music of the soul.

12. Do know when to be assertive and when not to be too pushy.

13. Do take time to play, it is the secret for perpetual youth, or you could get the Japanese ancient peach……

14. Do as far as possible without surrender; be on good terms with all persons.

15. Do have an IT guru on speed dial….in this day, you will need one…plus marks if he’s cute.

16. Do speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant.

17. Do take time to dream, it is the way to the moon.

18. Do take time to save; it is the surest secret of security.

19. Do take time to listen, and take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrender the things of your youth……in simple terms accept your age, even if we all want to be 18 forever…

20. Do avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.

And finally……

21. Do keep peace with your soul.

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