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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Crystal Ball.


Some of us need palm readers or fortune tellers to tell us what our future beholds. Others just think up their future and visualize it to the minutest detail. Whatever does it for you; we all work and hope towards a better tomorrow. I believe my tomorrow is better than my today and our yesterday. Here’s what I see in my crystal ball…

I feel peaceful within my own person and within my surroundings. I am at ease during election periods and do not fear my brethren from a different community or ethnic group. I am elated that the electorate vote in competent leaders based on their potential and credentials and not based on what their last name is! This is the future of real democracy.

I see an educated world that does not discriminate on race, gender, sex, age or creed. The future facilitates universal free primary school education to all equally. Education they say is the key to all success stories. Education I say is the commencement of understanding ourselves and others and how to live peacefully in this beautiful world. With this education we will undeniably accept that different is good. We will celebrate our different skin tones, shapes and sizes, different religions and cultures as opposed to forcing others to conform to our ‘correct’ standards. 

My future is filled with happy healthy well-nourished people. Good food is in abundance and droughts and famine are fiddles our grandmothers tell us to scare us when we are being naughty. Basic amenities such as food, clothing and shelter and clean water are available to all. Slums and shanties are things of the past. Everybody has access to a decent meal and a proper place to call home after a hard day’s work!

A very near tomorrow has no HIV/AIDS, malaria, cancer, to name but a few deadly diseases that cost us hundreds of lives prematurely. Medical breakthroughs will have resulted in vaccines and cures for most of these lethal maladies. No longer will we have alarming statistics of deaths that can be prevented and cured. The life span of ordinary healthy peoples will consequently increase meaning more productive years which is excellent for our economies to thrive in.

Most of all I see Africa depicted in its prime in the media. Free of disease, bad governance and poverty that have been synonymous with it. I see the cradle of mankind living to its full potential and a food basket to herself and others. I want an Africa that can enjoy her natural resources as much as those who exploit her do! I would love to see Africa and other third world countries being at equal bargaining power with other key players on the international arena.

In the scenes of tomorrow, you and I have embraced to the letter the late Nobel peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai’s vision of conserving our environment. She meticulously noted that if we do not take care of our environment, our environment will not take care of us. Tomorrow we are taking these words to heart, we are planting more trees and felling fewer, reducing our gas emissions and are opting for greener and safer means to generate energy.

With clearer structures in place, the youth are not only seeking formal employment but understand the importance of innovation and setting up their own business empirors.With the world now a  global village new opportunities are emerging every day and these must be seized with zeal and passion that the youth all over are already demonstrating.

To get to this mirage of a tomorrow, current issues that today’s world face must be addressed with the urgency it deserves. Terrorism which aims at the destruction of Human Rights whilst attacking democracy the rule of law and the respect for humanity are at the fore burner of issues that need to be dealt with yesterday to get to the future we all envision and deserve. State must all unit to fight this battle and I am sure this battle can and will be won.

Creating the future we want starts at an individual level. What am I doing to make 2013 better for myself and the world? Individuals must take ownership of making a better world first so that when we hit the ground running together, we know we are all doing the mile.

States must continuously review their commitment to attaining the millennium development goals and other individual states objectives and visions.Continous assessment and reviewing of these targets is paramount to help stay on track.

With mist in my eyes while still straining to look through my crystal ball I see a peaceful beautiful green haven with blissful healthy diverse people of all walks of life living life and loving it!


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