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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apply to join and become a 2013 UK Global Poverty Ambassador!

Become a leading voice in your community

Do you have the passion, energy and drive to be a leader in your community on global issues?

Can you inspire others to take action and join the movement to end extreme poverty within a generation?

Apply to join become a 2013 UK Global Poverty Ambassador!

**Applications close 25 February 2013**

Since the beginning of 2010, we have been taking the story of progress to schools, conferences, communities and universities around the UK. It's an inspiring story and 2012 we searched for selected 150 leaders in their communities to be Global Poverty Ambassadors to tell this story in their communities.
Now, in 2013, we are looking for 150 leaders from across the UK to become Global Poverty Ambassadors.
As an ambassador you will be provided with high level training and exclusive opportunities to engage with some of the world's most prominent leaders in the fight against extreme poverty.
In 2012, the Global Poverty Ambassadors led campaigns to bring an end to Polio, change the face of aid in the Isle of Man, support the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and many more, whilst delivering the ground-breaking 1.4 Billion Reasons. 2013 Ambassadors will focus strongly on three key campaigning areas: food, transparency and gender equality.
In the next twelve months we will see unprecedented opportunities to reduce poverty - April’s Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi, the G8 in Northern Ireland and the announcement of the new Millennium Development Goals will shape the future of the world’s poorest people.
This is your chance to join with us and take a lead in the movement to end extreme poverty within a generation.
We are searching the country for two different types of Ambassadors;
  • Presenters; Exceptional public speakers trained to deliver the ground-breaking 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation, and/or
  • Campaigners; Specialising in mobilising your businesses, schools, univerisities, faith groups, communities, media and parliamentarians to take action
What we require from you is a 12-month commitment of about 10 hours a month in leading communities in the fight against extreme poverty all of course will be supported by the team at the Global Poverty Project and our partners.    All applicants must be over 16 and currently living in the UK.
All successful applicants will be brought to either London or Belfast for a mandatory full weekend training in March 2013 (Belfast 9-10 March, Manchester, 16-17 March & London, 23-24 March).
To find out more about the programme why not visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.
Have a question? Email us at 2013ambassadors@globalpovertyproject.com

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