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Monday, November 14, 2011

Of life’s Drizella’s and Anastasia’s.

Cinderella is a folk tale that has thousands of variants know the world over. Growing up as a young girl, you must have been in awe about the glass slipper, the impeccable chariot, the gorgeous ball with poised people among many other interesting things. However the most poignant thing I recall in the story is Cinderella’s two step sisters: Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine!!
This two display step-sisters at their worst. They are manipulative, scheming spoilt brats who cannot take no for an answer and would go to all cost to ensure that if they can’t get anything neither will anyone else.
As a child, I would just marvel at the story, mostly glad that it was fictional. Little did I know that in the ‘real’ world they are the equivalents of evil Lady Tremaines’s children; not in two but in the hundreds!
Am sure you have met one of these people. They do not need to be related to you but I am referring to those sisters who step on you to get to that promotion...or who backstab you to win favours with friends…..etc.I call them “step” because they literally step on you to move forward!!!
Quite recently, I have been encountering a number of this evil Tremaine’s.Some claim to be our friends, but if circumstances force them to choose, they will drop you like hot cake and look for ways to move forward even at the detriment of your friendship. Others just do so to make themselves feel better especially when things seem to be going great for you. Whatever ailing reason they have, it is never for your benefit but to your detriment.
So, when I read Cinderella today, I am not as naïve as a nine year old child. I am very aware that these people do exist in our midst and have learnt how to detect them. It is of course wise not to have such people in your inner circles for obvious reasons.Therefore, once you identify them, feel free to run away from them like a plague!!!! Interesting how such a beautiful read can make us see such unbeautiful things!
Despite everything, we all know how that story ends…evil never wins…so ladies….let’s not step on other sisters shoes just because!!!Instead we should be like ladders, helping a sister reach a higher level!!And be genuinely glad when others achieve and accomplish! They too will be happy when the tide is in your beach!


  1. yeah yeah step sisters they are,,,,,,,,,,,,,its a real thing

  2. Regina...next time a step sister gets to you...let her know you may be down but you surely not out!!!