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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Missing Voice.

In a crowd, the market place or even in the bus stop, you’ll almost always hear a husky male voice grumble a thing or two, the market woman enticing you with her freshly harvested vegetables and fruits, noisy children playing nearby…..hormonal teenage boys heckling at passers by, often young lasses…..but  alas, there is a voice missing!!

The voice of a young woman.

So where is she? What is she up to? And more so why can’t we hear her mellow voice in the background? Doesn’t she have adventures, experiences, views and opinions to share? Or is she so self absolved or insecure of her looks and appearance that she now shy’s away from the spot light? I wonder.

A general observation will prove that a lot of clamor is being made by Governments, Ngos, and Civil Society for the benefit of children and women the world over. This is indeed a great thing as they form part of the vulnerable category of persons, but why are we silent on the young woman’s plights?

The fact that she is neither a “child” nor a “woman” and lays in between the two makes her look and feel misplaced and unsure of both her identity and her place in society. We think of her as the husband snatcher, the slut and other un-saintly things, so we chose to ignore and stereotype her. A local activist described the said young women as difficult and hard heads (vichwa ngumu) who aren’t willing to change. How true the statement is, is a debate for another day!

Despite the fact that the young women are rarely heard does not mean that they do not need or want a cheering squard.The young woman is probably silent because she has no mentors to mould her and steer her into success and stardom. It is fact that she has big dreams and aspirations, goals and visions that could wow anybody. She is probably pondering over how to push her agenda forward without stepping on anybodies toes and still get to the finish line with not a hair misplaced!

It is evident that not many people are interested in what this class is all about. It is therefore up to fellow young women to act as each other’s supporters and be our own loudest cheerleaders. We must stick together and offer others support, feedback and yes…even positive criticism. That even if our voice is not heard out there, a fellow sister somewhere hears it within her, and that keeps her going.

So ladies, because we might not have anyone speak for us (we’ll probably do a better job articulating our own issues) we must rise to the challenge and speak our hearts out….speak in that untidy classroom, in the boardroom, in that long conference and let people start hearing your beautiful voice.

Identify mentors who can mould you and shape you, so that when the time is right you will step up to positions that are rightfully yours. If talking in public is indeed an issue, start practicing at home with family members and friends you trust, in front of the mirror etc and Walla…..one day we might just be watching you deliver a speech on CNN……


  1. I totally agree with you on that,the young woman needs to let her voice be heard, on what other better place then wherever she is.She just needs a little encouragement and the world will be amazed at what she can achieve!

    Laura K

  2. Thanks Laura,you took the words out of my mouth,and what better way than to be each others encouragers!!!

  3. true true the young woman needs encouragement and mentor ship for her voice to be heard.these are the people who have been forgotten in the society and at the end of it all succumb into weird consequences which are detrimental to their lives and origin of problems.yes something needs to be done n not just talking but an action shud be expeditiously taken........

  4. Great article. Good thing I learnt of this blog at the camp. In line with that, check out this article I wrote on my blog http://tjilani.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/said-as-it-is/

  5. Lilian-I like your sentiments:we need to talk less and act more and NOW!

    Thomas-I had awesome fun with all you Human Rights Activist and I will definately follow your blog too.