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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Love Letter to Me.

I am not certain what an ideal love letter is or how many people actually take time to write one to themselves! As we wind up 2010 however what greater way to reflect and review the great year that was through, one of these…here goes!!

31st December 2010.

My darling Kate,

Its been ages since I wrote you a love letter, better late than never though! As you prepare to start a new year, I must let you know how much I love and treasure you. I am very proud of all the accomplishments however large or small you have managed in this year and before. I may not say this nearly enough but you mean a lot to me!

2010 was a remarkable year for you. The greatest lesson you probably learnt is that time is an arrow that flies with unerring precision. You must take each day as your first and last-do your thing to the best of your abilities such that if you are given a second chance you would do absolutely nothing differently. You are a beautiful, intelligent and capable lady (and am not just saying that because you have my genes J)and any man(or woman)who makes you feel any less than that is questionable. I am glad you realize this but as a young lady I must always constantly remind you of the same. Relationships more so in regard to the men folk are meant to be enjoyed not endured-so feel free to ditch the brother if he is not treating you right. You deserve to love and be loved in return. And to be happy. Whatever stage your relation with anyone is at, there must be mutual respect. If that is lacking-I can tell you for free that relationship is not worth a dime and your time!

You must learn to accept the reality of being someone with strengths and weakness-who will have some good days and some not-so-good days. It is how we react when we fail that is often remembered. Always believe there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will have a better chance of continuing to move forward when faced with obstacles. Sometimes you will also lose the things you hold most dear to perceive the frailty of life-no need in being bitter, perhaps this is life’s way of maintaining balance.

As you start a new chapter in life’s journey, I wish you God’s blessings, great success, good health and strength to achieve all your heart’s desires. Needless to say,2010 was a marvelous year, you were reminded of the value of self love, self acceptance and self pride. I am glad that you love yourself with all your flaws and perfections constantly acknowledging your achievements and failures without being vain or conceited.

Here’s to a greater year ahead!

Lots of Love


  1. This is great girl! I think every woman should read it.

  2. ahem...should we be concerned? Letters to self?? Now Kate, I think you need NLP sessions..lol.
    True..accepting yourself in totality is a great leap towards self actualization. KEEP UP!

  3. Hey Gurrrl!!!

    This is truly inspiring stuff!!Here's to a remarkable 2011,looking forward to being far much wiser having learnt from my mistakes last year :)

  4. Hey ladies...thanks for the great feedback....hope we all write to ourselves once in a while!!!

  5. This is what we call an IDEAL love letter....i love...

  6. Amina dear-long time!!!hope you get out your pen and paper and get writting sometime this year!

  7. fantastic and well written gal,always keep it up.
    like this much............

  8. Lilian-my biggest fan!!!merci beacoup-Paxie!love the name-thanks and hope I'll be hearing more of you too!!!

  9. i like this article so much mostly the part bout relationship but do i say .........sounds pretty true

  10. Hey Regina-wow long time!!!!am glad you like-knowledge they say is key...so make wise choices girl!