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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

End FGM Grants;Open Call for Proposals

The Girl Generation, through its End FGM Grants Programme, aims to build the Africa-led movement to end FGM
We will enable grassroots organisations working to end FGM access small grants through a flexible and accessible process. The purpose of the funds is to accelerate social change to end FGM through communications, advocacy and campaigning. The Girl Generation is therefore seeking proposals from grassroots organisations, networks and individuals based in Kenya, Nigeria and The Gambia focused on ending FGM. The types of grants available for funding include:​
  • Small grants (US$  4,000 –  US$ 10,000)
  • Medium grants (US$ 10,000 – US$ 20,000)
  • Large grants (US$ 20,000 – US$ 50,000)
  • Local travel grants (US$ 1,500)
  • International  travel grants (US$ 3,500)
These grants will enable grassroots organisations and individuals to access funds to support communication, advocacy and campaigning activities that promote and accelerate the process of ending FGM in Africa.
We will have THREE rounds of grant application reviews, therefore, applicants have the choice to submit their grant application forms by the following stipulated submission deadlines: 4 November 2016, 3 March 2017, and 3 July 2017.
In order to obtain the full call for proposal and application documents, please click on the links below and download the documents.
To apply please complete your selected grant application form and send it to grants@thegirlgeneration.org. Find the forms below; http://www.thegirlgeneration.org/girl-generation-end-fgm-grants-open-call-proposals

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