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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NAYD Summit 2013- Addis Ababa

The African Youth Development Summit is a platform for discussions, experience sharing and networking for African youth. Youth from the continent are welcomed to attend this Summit. The African Youth for Development Development Summit under the theme ’’ Create a roadmap for youth led sustainable Development in Africa’’ is intended to provide a platform for youth and youth leaders to discuss and reflect on imminent issues faced in Africa, as a continent, and draw up opportunities to improve youth development towards achieving a sustainable future. From October 27- November 2 , 2013 , delegates will anticipate to address the needs of both the African youth and the continent at large, with emphasis on its vast natural resources and potentials. It will culminate into the formulation of key recommendations for implementation for various agencies and stakeholders. This Summit will also provide delegates with an excellent opportunity to form networks and act upon the challenges that youth are facing by curving a long term path towards a youth led for better future for Africa: Registration to the summit is made online. An online application form is available to all those who wish to attend the summit. Even if many young people are welcomed to attend the summit, due to financial constraints there is a limited number of scholarships available. Thus applicants are encouraged to look for external source of funding in order to attend. To apply to attend the Summit, Please fill in the application summit application form here : Cliquer ici or download our application form. Note that the application should be sent to the following email address : scientificcommittee@naydsummit2013.org Note that the deadline for application is set to June 30, 2013 http://www.naydsummit2013.org/spip.php?article2

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