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Monday, January 21, 2013

Health Workshop Nairobi

women's leadership for family planning & reproductive health workshop May 6th -May 24th  2013 Nairobi
Please submit your complete application to:
Name: Yvette Kathurima
Address: P.O Box 30234 -00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 20 4909104
Email: hpp2013workshop@ippfaro.org
A complete application consists of:
1.    Application Form with Applicant Essay
2.    Supervisor Form
3.    Sponsorship Form
Deadline ~ All application documents must be received by email by January 30th 2013.
Important ~ Applications will be reviewed ONLY upon receipt of all three documents.
Eligible Countries ~ Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda.
Participant Nominations ~ Twenty-four participants will be invited to participate in the workshop and follow-up mentoring/coaching program.

Costs ~ The organizers are asking each nominating organization or project to cover the cost of regional airfare for the participant and provide $1,000 as a sponsorship fee to help cover the costs of hotel, meals, per diem, medical insurance and local transportation.   Requests for scholarships will be considered on a case by case basis and must be made at the time the application is submitted.  All applications must include a completed Sponsorship Form (attached).


Background and Overview ~ As governments and donors implement development assistance reforms, country ownership and women-centered/gender approaches have emerged as key underlying principles.  In order to ensure host government commitment to family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) in country discourses and ultimately in country and donor funding streams, it is critical that women’s voices are central in the process.


The Women’s Leadership for FP/RH workshop is part of a multi-year capacity building initiative designed to strengthen women’s roles and voices in defining country priorities and promoting host-country support for FP/RH. The initiative will expand opportunities for women to participate in the dialogue; promote collaboration among women champions from public, political and civil society organizations at all levels; and equip women with the right skills and messages for influencing decision makers.


The Women’s Leadership for FP/RH workshop is designed to create a robust, multi-sectoral women-centered movement that promotes FP/RH as a national priority that is reflected in government and donor budgets and plans.  The workshop will:

·         Increase understanding of personal and professional leadership skills and styles,

·         Examine mentoring approaches and tools and practice mentoring skills,

·         Enhance knowledge of key national and global FP/RH issues,

·         Introduce the latest models and tools for evidence-based advocacy (RAPID, RAPID/Women, FP Gap Analysis Tool, etc.),

·         Strengthen communication, messaging, and advocacy skills,

·         Develop strategies for oversight and promotion of governance and accountability,

·         Strengthen understanding of cross-cutting issues such as socioeconomic equity and gender,

·         Develop personal action plans for leadership and mentorship, and

·         Develop collective action plans to target policy makers with messages prioritizing FP/RH.

The intensive and highly participatory workshop will draw on international, regional, and local technical and policy experts; engage participants in south-south learning; and provide opportunities to apply communication and advocacy tools and approaches. Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the FP/RH situation in their countries, the key issues that affect FP/RH funding and utilization, and strategies and resources for mobilizing and organizing policy events. During the workshop, HPP will host a FP/RH briefing where selected participants will address policymakers, donors, other champions and implementing partners.


Participant Criteria ~ Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for participation:

·         Currently working as staff or volunteer in civil society, government, and/or political institution,

·         Working to promote access to equitable, gender-sensitive, quality FP/RH services, 

·         Minimum 5–7 years experience in FP/RH programs or advocacy,

·         Demonstrated commitment to promoting women’s leadership in FP/RH,

·         Proven ability to meaningfully engage with policymakers at local or national levels,

·         Strong understanding of key national and global FP/RH issues,

·         Available to participate in entire three-week program, and

·         Proficient in English.


Post Workshop ~ HPP will provide the following support to graduates following the workshop:

·         A year-long structured mentorship/coaching program. Each woman will be paired with a senior CEDPA-trained coach who will provide guidance and direction to support application of new skills and implementation of country action plans. 

·         Structured linkages with existing FP/RH champions and networks in-country to share team action plans, solicit input, and expand partnerships for implementation of plans. 

·         Small grant opportunity to expanded country networks to help implement communications/advocacy plans.

·         Technical guidance to support implementation of action plans.

·         Links to speaking opportunities as policy advocates at global, regional, or national policy events.
Following the workshop, HPP will engage participants in comprehensive follow-up evaluations to assess progress and document lessons learned.

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