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Monday, November 5, 2012

Katrina Khagai-Founder of Pure Maiden Ltd.

Katrina Khagai, Head designer at Pure Maiden Ltd

Katrina is a young, up and coming designer, based in Nairobi…for now at least. She’s been keen on design since the age of eight while watching Style with Elsa Klensch, CNN's weekly fashion and design television program.

Fresh out of college, she founded Pure Maiden Ltd, a design and décor company. The company name has a somewhat flat back-story. A 16 year-old Katrina was obsessed with names and their meanings. She looked up her own name and the constant result was, ‘pure’, ‘the pure one’, ‘purity’ so it was quite refreshing to come across ‘pure maiden’ and thus presented the origin of the company name. She wanted the company to be representative of her without giving it an obvious and non-creative  name like ‘Katrina Designs’.

 Katrina has always loved design and décor and although she initially wasn’t sure how to make the connection between her interest in fashion and interior design, recent projects and responsibilities have provided a way to merge them seamlessly.  Her title as “designer” has therefore taken on many outfits: soft furnishing and home accessories (pillows, duvets and curtains), custom-made dresses for girls and fashion accessories. 

Katrina is bold and loves to combine colours and textures that people wouldn’t normally put together. Her jewellery collection is reflective of her unconventional side while her soft furnishings, much like the name, show a softer chic side with careful attention to detail and finishing. 


Katrina studied design at The University of Nairobi. She worked as a design assistant at Occasions and Days Ltd, under designer Monica Kanari where she learnt the ropes through apprenticeship. She credits her knowledge of various fabrics, improved design skill and close attention to detail to Monica.

Target Market

Pure Maiden targets young professionals with a chic, unconventional aesthetic as this is a group to grow and develop with over the years as the brand expands. That being said, Pure Maiden also hopes to cater to an older demographic by way of classic, vintage-inspired accessories.

What’s next for Pure Maiden?

There are a few projects underway at Pure Maiden. New collections should be released before the year end.Look out for more details on the same on Pure Maidens facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PureMaidenLtd?ref=ts&fref=ts

Katrina in a Nut-shell

Crazy about design…almost obsessively so, absolutely loves shades of purple, particularly burgundy, quiet with a touch of quirky and obsessed with 1940s-50s style. Looking forward to transforming lots of spaces.

so if you’re looking for a designer, who is unconventional and always trumps normal!Pure Maiden is your best bet!

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