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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Musings of a young working lass

There are numerous things I do not know in this World. Some, I have made little mental notes in the back of my mind that must be learned, (play the violin for instance) others I should think would not make me a better person and I am content to let them slide….

One of those things that seriously perturb me is the competitive spirit that exists in some people. I know many people would describe me as competitive; just yesterday somebody described me as ‘having the potential to jealously guard my opinion’ but I digress…anyhow back to competitiveness…There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting out there and getting what you want with every fiber of your being…however when you start playing dirty or backstabbing others, friends or foes alike-Huston we have a problem!

It is really annoying to realize that as a young professional lass out there in the ‘real’ world we have to be twice as good in whatever it is we do to get that recognition, promotion or that job. The current predicament that faces me is an office bully who I note is obviously out to get my head and burn my reputation among other nasty trickery he has up his sleeves. What is even more annoying is that he smiles at me and thinks this pretty face will take this lying down silently…

I choose not to engage in these mundane games but trust me when I say my spirit is not nearly broken. I know especially that the fact the bully is a guy infuriates me even more than I should let it be: and maybe my mechanism of coping isn’t helping matters either (keep annoying him by being damn good at what it is that I am here to do) My plan is to be civil even if most of the time I’d rather be sticking pins into him.

So the last couple of weeks have been like walking on thin ice, being the newbie in the hood it’s kinda difficult to see through people because as with first impressions everybody is on their best behavior. A couple of days later you notice some little red-flags and realize even Eden has its snakes. You try to ignore and over look  some remarks, gestures and slight omissions but later you realize this is the over competitive spirit been unleashed to you in small doses to test you…..

Anyhow as with many lessons life throws at us, I chose to fight for what I believe and will not be cowed by some male ego that cannot handle some little competition from ‘little old me’. I do not have any apologizes to make if am really that good(modesty aside) and I know am here for a reason and will not let chances pass me by because of frustration and dirty trickery. One of us will have to change our ways and I can tell you for free...it aint gonna be me...

So if you are in such a position or know anybody going through a similar patch do sing to  them ‘let the sun shine, Let the sunshine baby, let it all go let it all go…and let them keep getting better at what it is that they do!

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