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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ambition-Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking bout.

Work-Don’t believe in luck, believe in hard work.

Opportunity-don’t let the bird in your hand fly away for the crow on the fence.

Self-esteem-No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Life-life is a voyage that is homeward bound.

Health-Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other.

Friendship-fate choses our relatives, we chose our friends.

Pride-Everyone is self-centered, it’s the radius that matters.

Organization-There is no such thing as hurry, only bad scheduling.

Age-You have reached middle age when all you exercise is caution.

Achievement-when you reach your goal you should not turn back.

Greatness-Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.

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