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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I know for sure……

I am a girlie girl! I have been branded as the fairy tale type, the glamour girl and even the ice-queen at times…whatever hat I wear, I know a couple of  things still remain true to me. This is what I know for sure….

I know for sure that if you are important to me then you get to meet all other equally important people in my life. If you are as great and lovely as I imagine you are then why not! Why hide you and not want others to meet you? No pressure intended but it is awfully bizarre when you refuse to comply with this normal social gesture or worse refuse to reciprocate and instead try to hog me to yourself! Trying to cut all links with my kith and kin is clearly a red flag that I refuse to tolerate. I do not see it as being in love and you wanting to spend ALL your waking hours with me….I call this being a control freak!!!

I know for sure that I am worthy of love-to love and be loved in return. I do not believe that love hurts or that I should tolerate you because of what we previously had. I love myself too. I will obviously allow myself to mourn and rant but I certainly will move on hopeful that I will find love again.

More often than not, few will be genuinely happy for my achievements and goals. They will half heartedly smile but inwardly wish me oceans of calamities. I realize this and take caution when I identify such personalities.

The older I get the more I understand that not all friendships last a lifetime. Contrary to popular belief there can be seasonal and reason friends. I believe that when that reason and season have been accomplished it is ok to let them be and not beat ourselves up for failed friendships.

I know for certain that I am solely responsible for my own happiness, health and joy. I know the importance of scheduling ‘me time’ in my program and finding out how I am really doing. It is paramount to have a ‘spoil me’ day once in a while when I can just laze in bed with a good novel and recharge my batteries. I also know the value of financial independence and the reason why I especially need to take a hands on approach towards my finances. I reckon that one can never be too widely read: hence the importance of staying relevant and reading vastly.

I know for sure that violence does not solve anything. Whatever form it may take it is damaging and always makes matters worse. I know that being kind and smiling to a stranger a day probably won’t get me to the list of nobels but it does  makes me feel better. I consider it essential to help the needy and less fortunate in our society and not feel the need the gloat and brag about it.

Most of all I know that I am not perfect and I never will be. I realize that I will make mistakes some more serious than others as I go along the way-this they say is the essence of being human. I however know that I should seek counsel from others who add value in my life and strive not to make their mistakes.


  1. hehe...thanks gal...I'd like to read your two sense on that one too....