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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The side they never tell you………

Quite recently, my family and I had the obligation to house a recovering addict. Maybe you’ll never get to share in this experience because you are sure that all your loved ones and friends aren’t sniffing anything or getting that high from the one too many bottles of beer or from drugs….

We are all bitter and extremely hurt at this lad’s predicament. It would be easy to blame the government for not doing nearly enough to clean up the streets or a certain class of businessmen for making their day’s kill in the drug market….but that will surely not solve our current reality.

So today am sharing the side they rarely if ever tell you: when you purchase that packet of cigarettes or that bottle of beer or when your friends peer pressure you to take that puff of some white concoction that will help you trans night for that big test…….you know what am talking about…..

The witty manufacture and distributor will probably add a disclaimer on his products to avoid liability but they will not give you the gruel some,horrifying truth on the long term effects of these products. I am not an authority to write on drug abuse or addiction but I  regard myself as a first hand eyewitness on its  repercussions. You might not get to know this effects until you are the addict! That warning in bold red will not tell you that you might suffer lasting health complication or even worse lose your mind and ability to comprehend. Doing simple tasks like washing your face seems to be like solving a huge algorithm math problem.Controlling your bowels is another huge dilemma and living under the constant fear of the unknown…..(among MANY others)

A picture might better depict such a person…imagine not being able to recall your own name!!!!Yes…that’s the side they never tell you…..drugs and alcohol have never added any good to man! Granted when well administered they are effective but even then you have a doctor or a pharmacist prescribe them for you for a certain time…So think about the other side before you fall for this bottomless pit!!!


  1. yes yes gal drug abuse has rily spoilt,abused and affected most of our loved ones.i put it that people should desist from this kill me sofly abuse

  2. What you say is so true and particularly in Kenya where addiction is not viewed as an illness. It is a silent killer and destroyer of families. NACADA as a government agency and the media should embark on a campaign to educate the public.

    Ciiru Njehu

  3. Thanks Lil and Ciiru for your observations...obviously the Kenyan government is not doing enough!let's not wait for them to fix this.....start your own campaign within yourself and your immediate family and friends....if we all do this it might catch on and we will make a difference.