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Sunday, January 30, 2011



1.           Is born free and should be treated in the same way.
2.           Is equal despite differences in language sex, colour etc.
3.           Has a right to life and to live in freedom and safety.
4.           Has the right not to be hurt or tortured.
5.           Has the right to be recognized before the law.
6.           Has the right to be treated as a person and not a thing.
7.           Has the right to be treated equally before the law.
8.           Has the right to ask for legal help when their rights are not respected.
9.           Has the right not to be imprisoned unjustly.
10.                    Has the right to a fair trial.
11.                    Has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
12.                    Has the right to privacy.
13.                    Has the right to travel within and from their own country.
14.                    Has the right to asylum.
15.                    Has the right to a nationality.
16.                    Has the right to marry and found a family.
17.                    Has the right to own property.
18.                    Has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
19.                    Has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.
20.                    Has the right to meet with others.
21.                    Has the right to take part in government and to vote.
22.                    Has the right to social security.
23.                    Has the right to work and join a trade union.
24.                    Has the right to rest and leisure.
25.                    Has the right to an adequate standard of living and health care.
26.                    Has the right to go to school.
27.                    Has the right to take part in their community’s cultural life.
28.                    Is entitled to a social and international order that is necessary for these rights.
29.                    Must respect the rights of others.
30.                    No one can take away the right in this Declaration.

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